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Rules of Conduct
  • Pupils are expected to behave in a lady-like manner on all occasions. They should address their teachers and companions with courtesy. Refinement of manners, uprightness and self-restraint should distinguish every pupil of the school.
  • Since it is an English medium school, pupils are expected to speak only in English at all times, as a help to their academic progress in the subject, and to their acquisition of the requisite language skills.
  • Possession of Mobile/Cellular phones/ cameras/Ipods/ pendrives by students in the campus is strictly prohibited, and a fine of Rs. 500/- will be imposed on offenders.
  • No books, newspaper, periodicals or photographs may be brought into school premises without the Principal’s sanction.
  • Under no condition are students without licenses to drive to school on two wheelers. Strict action will be taken against students without licenses found guilty of parking vehicles in or around the school premises.
  • Habitual idleness, disobedience and conduct injurious to the tone of the school, are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil.
  • Pupils should realise that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct outside school on the part of the pupils may make them liable for disciplinary action.
  • The students should not litter the school premises with paper and should pick up any such papers dropped by others. They should use the dustbins specially provided for this purpose.
  • The use of unfair means in an examination / tests will entail the annulment of the entire results. If it occurs during a final examination promotion may be denied. If the offence is repeated in subsequent examinations the student will have to be withdrawn from the school.
  • Pupils are expected to walk on the left in the corridors or on staircases. While going from one class to another, girls should walk in silence and in a single file. Discipline must be maintained at all times. Running, loitering, disruptive behaviour, screaming, chanting in the school premises will be penalized.
  • Using/writing profane or vulgar language or making obscene gestures may result in the suspension/expulsion of the child. The Principal’s decision in this regard is unquestionable.
  • Pupils are responsible for their own books, money and belongings, and are advised to keep them in a locked bag or case. Nothing of a valuable nature should be brought to school. All willful damage to school property must be remedied at the cost of the offender.
  • Students are not permitted to give personal gifts to members of the staff or to each other. Children are permitted to distribute only sweets on their birthdays.
  • No collection in cash or kind, for any purpose whatsoever, may be made without the Principal’s previous sanction.

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