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Mary Ward Week- Closing Assembly
  • Event Date: 30-Jan-2024
  • Updated On: 05-Feb-2024
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Description: The Closing Assembly of the Mary Ward week, falling on the 30th of January, 2024, at St. Agnes’ Loreto Day School was put up by the vivacious students of Class VIII who, through their immense dedication, compelled everyone to introspect and reflect over the preaching of their foundress, Mary Ward. The solemn assembly commenced with a hearty prayer followed by a beautiful prayer dance. The children portrayed their ingenuity and dramatic skills by putting up a number of scenes based on the maxims of Mary Ward that left everyone enthralled and ignited in them the desire to take inspiration from this visionary. The euphony of a beautiful song resounded in the auditorium as the children mesmerized everyone with their melodious voices. The program reached its cessation with the Principal of the school, Miss Bunny, addressing the gathering with her erudite words followed by the ceremonious Loreto Chorus.

  • of St. Agnes' Loreto Day School, Lucknow
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